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Worldwide Logo Design Trends and Tips for 2024 

Global Logo Design Trends and Tips Logo Design are whatever defines a brand. Sometimes, businesses create something ageless. They need a new logo, whether the brand is older or newer. Therefore, this blog is for you if you are one of those businesses. Today, we’ll discuss logo design trends for 2024 and assist you in choosing the right style for your brand. Let us begin!

Wordmark Logo Design

Businesses are increasingly using wordmark logos instead of images as they become more trendy. While remaining businesses and companies must redesign a new logo, it is fairly simple for new brands. However, this doesn’t hold true for everyone. Some stay true to their roots. So it’s entirely up to you, but it’s attractive.

Sans Serif Logotypes

Sans serif is another excellent logotype that many businesses are using; you’ve probably seen Google’s logo. It is more straightforward and without any unnecessary features or brought trips at the end. It looks fantastic on all scales, whether printed on a card or shown on a billboard.

Minimalist Flat Logo Marks

Another logo design trend that will be common in 2024 is minimalist logos. It is a simple layout with minor details and typically only one color. The reason for this is essentially the same as the previous one: it can be used in different sizes whilst still looking current and wonderful. You can join the growing number of companies opting for simple and flat logos.

Minimalist Symbol Logos

The next trend is minimalist symbol logos. It additionally includes fewer components, so a lot of companies create this kind of logo by repeating just one idea once or twice. Sometimes, businesses use a basic specific object while remaining symbolic to highlight hidden effects. For example, you must have seen Nike or Apple logos.

Cropped or Slit Logotypes

Cropped or split logotypes have become especially popular in recent years. It also looks modern and lively, but this is entirely dependent on how you use it. You’ve probably come across logos with missing letters or types. For example, there is a missing bar on Samsung It is growing in popularity among businesses, particularly those that are new.

Negative Space Logos

Employing negative spaces in logos gives them a playful, clever feel that grabs interest and holds it. While negative space logo design styles have been present for a while, they are now gaining popularity. It leaves a lasting effect, and once people understand its deeper significance, they adore the logo even more.

Vivid Gradients

A styled multi-colored logo is another amazing trend that numerous businesses, like Facebook or Instagram, have embraced. It has caused a stir in the logo business. Companies commonly use various hues in combination to develop a professional and desirable look. However, the key is to do it properly; otherwise, it might look bizarre.

Retro Inspired Logotypes

If you haven’t noticed, many of the most recent logo design trends are centred on font. Another example is retro-inspired logotypes, which draw influence from iconic retro-themed elements. It may incorporate large, round lettering or shapes.

Tips for Logo Design Trends 2024

Here are some things to consider before designing a logo, whether you’re just starting out or want to update the one you have. 

Use Organic Components: To demonstrate peace and serenity, consider using parts like leaves or flowers. In addition, certain colors might convey the same mood.

Consider nostalgia: Nostalgia is another powerful emotion that draws attention. To instil nostalgia in the audience, use neon colors or early 1990s trends.

Use AI Design Tools: AI design tools have grown more common, and many people and small companies are turning to them for inspiration when designing their logos.

Make Use of AI Design Tools: With an increasing number of AI design tools, many people and small businesses are using them as an outlet of inspiration for creating their own logos.

Explore Bright and Bold Colors and Shapes: These colors convey an important message and look fantastic in any location, brand aim, or speciality. You can also use bold geometric forms to complement it.

Do not Copy Trends: While trends can be beneficial and popular, they must only serve as inspirations. It is better to keep your original logo while revamping it with the current modern ideas. 


A blend of styles and trends is necessary when designing a custom logo design in UK. It is a hidden recipe for creating a modern logo that evokes emotions and engages the audience. These logos will communicate your brand’s message, personality, and values.

If you are also a new entrepreneur and want to give your brand identity a new look, Step Tech Global has a solution for you all. We are offering the best Logo Design and Custom Logo Design in UK. We have a team of expert designers and artists who will help you level up the game of your brand. 

So, are you ready to take advantage of 2024 logo design trends? 

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